Saturday, February 21, 2015

Easy custom size area rugs made to fit

Do you have an area that needs a rug to protect the floor and provide comfort, style and functionality but you just can't seem to find a rug to fit your space ?

Having a custom fit rug made to your exact size and shape is very easy,quick and affordable. I can make your tailored fit rug in a few easy steps and you don't have to wait weeks or months, I can have your rugs made the same day or next day in most cases. Any size or shape is possible. Round rugs, Oval rugs, square rugs, rectangular rugs, Octagon rugs or any irregular shaped rug the choices are limitless.

1. Measure the longest and widest points that the rug will need to be on the floor. If the rug needs to have inside corners and irregular shapes you can make a template from heavy paper and trim to exact fit. I can then use the template as a cutting guide for the final finished rug. I can also come to your home or business and measure the area for you if you prefer.

2. Purchase a good quality suitable size and color carpet remnant from a flooring store.

3. Bring the carpet to me and I will cut and trim to exact size and shape and sew a color coordinating binding to finish the edges. I can pick up and deliver your carpet if you prefer


Call me and we can have your custom rug made quickly.

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