Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Dura-Hold Plus rug padding now available

Carpet Binding By Scott is proud to announce that we sell Dura-hold Plus rug padding. Dura-Hold Plus is the finest rug padding made for any rug over any type of hard surface floor.

The padding is made of a needle-punched synthetic fiber which prevents decomposition and shredding, minimizing mildew and odors even if it gets damp.

Dura-Hold Plus protects any oriental or other area rug laid over any hard floor such as wood,tile,stone,brick, terrazzo, laminate, etc.- including waxed and polished surfaces. 100 % synthetic construction.

The upper surface is comprised of thermal-set ridges running in multiple directions enabling the pad to grip the rug more effectively and preventing lateral motion in any direction.

The backing is made of a natural latex rubber formulation in an exclusive hexagonal pattern allowing more real rubber in actual contact with the bare floor, no matter how slippery, and provides the highest degree of non-slip traction.

Dura-Hold Plus advantages:

Made in the USA

Low profile 1/4 inch thickness

Prolongs the life of the rug

Superior protection of your hard surface floor

Prevents rug slipping and movement

Makes vacuuming the rug more effective

Can be cut to any size or shape you need

Give me call today at 405-436-2023 and I can answer all your questions about Dura-Hold Plus custom fit rug padding.

                                                           The Bottom surface view

Low Profile approximately 1/4 inch thickness and notice how 
the textured rubber dimples are raised to help grip the floor

Dura-Hold Plus top surface that grabs hold of your rug