Thursday, December 20, 2012


Do you have an old favorite rug with ugly edges ?
Some have the long white fringe that looks so good when displayed as a show piece but in real everyday use, this fringe starts to soil and gets tangled in your feet or in the vacuum and tends to become a general nuisance. Your rug looks fantastic but you just wish it didn't have that bothersome fringe anymore.
 Never fear and do not discard that beautiful rug !!  Removing the old fringe or serging  and reapplying a color coordinating binding can solve your problems quickly and painlessly to give you the look and ease of care you desire with out breaking the bank. Repairing an older favorite rug It can be the same beautiful show piece as it was before but now it is functional and very easily maintained

 Revitalizing old and deteriorating limp backings and edges with a fresh coating of pure latex rubber is also a wonderful alternative and a nice long lasting repair for older rugs you may have but do not wish to discard.